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It started as a family affair, me an essential worker but also in the high risk spectrum, my parents, both 45+, we needed to find a way to save money but also stay protected in these tough times. That’s when my hobby, sewing, a hobby I have learned & cherished from my grandma, came in handy. Pun intended...

As the months passed we perfected our mask making skills, & still continue to do so. As the months passed & things started to change more and more we realized that this hobby of mine could benefit, not only us but others around us. We also started to realize that the income we were receiving as a family was becoming less because jobs started to go down for my parents. That’s when we decided to turn my hobby into a source of income. Because every little bit counts.

We will always keep the quality of our products as a priority, so you know that your safety during these uncertain times is definitely our concern. Each item is made with all the love & care we have put from the moment we started making our own masks. Each item is assembled & sewn from our family to yours.

To those that have trusted us with your health & safety, thank you. To those that will soon become a part of our family & trust us with you & your family’s health & safety; thank you.

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